Technical Support & Logistics

World Class Products are predicated on First Class Support. ELECTORI delivers this and more.

Importing the world's finest products, each carefully selected according to our own demanding criteria, is the most basic aspect of the service, which ELECTORI provides its customers. By their very nature, world-class equipment customers require more dignity than just simple product delivery. Professional products require technical support and development systems that draw out the equipment's best performance. Providing easy to follow Japanese manuals is another essential ingredient, along with prompt response to customer support calls.
Importing the finest consumer products is much the same. A product is only recognized as truly "World Class" when first class support and service is delivered along with the equipment. From this perspective, we at the ELECTORI Support Division view our department as the place where new world-class products are nurtured and cultivated. By working closely with our overseas suppliers, and by keeping a global perspective, we provide all the necessary services that allow great products to succeed in the Japanese market.