Professional Equipment Business

Where there is communication, there is media. We have made achievements in music scene and build reliance. Import Sales and System Design.

・SR Audio Equipment and PA System
・Broadcast units and Video Editing System
・Video Equipment and A/V Control System

ELECTORI's Professional Division imports leading edge hardware, delivers AV&IT presentation systems, and provides the control systems and support necessary to manage this complex equipment to the leading studios in our market.
The professional division supports a general-purpose control system that is flexible and manages a variety of uses, from public events at museums, concert halls, and government facilities to large-scale events for private corporations. We cover everything from the entertainment industry to high- end home systems.
We create AV&IT systems that allow people to use images, information and sound to communicate their messages. Our high performance systems based on large screens and multimedia transmission equipment is receiving excellent reviews from our customers.
Our customer support covers more than just equipment, we support our customers by knowing their business, anticipating their needs and advising on new trends. One way we build on this is through our overseas technical training and foreign network. Both are highly acclaimed and add depth to our domestic support programs. 30 years have passed since music was first digitized in the pursuit of increased musical information, loss-less transmission, and increased recording and storage accuracy. Over the years, many aspects of music creation and reproduction have been enhanced through research and development.
Increased microphone performance, enhanced recording console functionality, the emergence of digital sound processing technology, and advances in monitor quality have greatly aided the recording industry. ELECTORI's contributions to research have aided developments in these areas. Most of the brands that we carry have established fame with their long history.With our solid customer base, knowledge of system design, superior maintenance and support services, we have build a strong partnership.