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Import Sales and System Design

1.Hi-End Audio Business
・A/V Equipment and High-End Audio Equipment for Consumers
2.Professional Equipment Business
・Microphone, Digital Interface and Monitor Speaker
 Markets: Music Store, Recording Studio and Broadcast Station.
・Speaker and Audio Processor
 Markets: Theater, Hall and Facility 
・A/V Control System
 Markets: Amusement, Conference Room and A/V Room

Since it's founding in 1964, ELECTORI has been importing, selling and supporting the world's finest professional sound equipment, consumer audio products and audiovisual digital information equipment. We have carefully selected the best products available, based on our experience, standards and audio philosophy.
One of the things that set us apart from the competition is the high standard we set for the manufacturers and products we import. ELECTORI strives to ascertain that the manufacturers who want us to carry their products are reliable and have what it takes to supply the Japanese market. Much research and energy goes into finding a suitable candidate.
For the products we import, one single merit, whether it is attractive styling, great sound, or outstanding reliability, won't guarantee their selection or success. Nor is it enough when a product combines these elements. These are our minimum standards for a marketable product; a product can't even be considered as an initial candidate without them.
Once a product clears our first stage, other conditions must be met before we decide to introduce a new product to our customers. Along with evaluating the product's design, technology, and ease of use we evaluate the caliber of the manufacturer. The potential for the manufacturer to continue leading in that technological arena is paramount.
ELECTORI's goal is to locate and deliver only world-class products to our customers. So perhaps most importantly, we at ELECTORI must believe in the candidate product. We would not take on the responsibility of providing the support and maintenance necessary that makes a product's success, if we weren't certain we had the best product available. Our quality standards are the highest in the industry and we back our products up with standard setting quality support.

President  Yoshifumi Yasui