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We bring world-class equipment, the fun of music and audio is yours.

・Import sales of high-end audio equipment
・Import sales of large screen display system
・System design for AV room, etc

Our customers demand from us the highest quality equipment available for their personal use. In our division, we understand our customers desire for the best.
You may have noticed that audiophiles describe the subtle pleasures of sound using words that are similar to those used by photographers and automobile collectors when describing their interests. There are also certain similarities in the rewards of these varied pursuits. For example, the incredible feeling of owning and driving a highly tuned, precision sports car. You control the performance of that car, depending on how skillfully you use its speed and handling.
In all three areas, enthusiasts eventually develop an appreciation of the equipment itself, beyond the enjoyment of the sound, the photos or the driving experience. This focus on the equipment alone often becomes the greater pleasure for many enthusiasts, and the quest for the best available equipment begins.
In the case of audio and visual equipment, the criteria are certainly based on great sound and picture quality, but it is uncompromising craftsmanship that gives the equipment character. Those who design and build such equipment may only rarely meet those who utilize it. But there exists a very real realm of communication between them where the subtle sensitivities of the craftsman harmonizes with the delicate appreciation of the connoisseur. This is a world open to only those who can appreciate its beauty.
The ELECTORI Consumer Division delivers only the finest products from around the world, hand selected in accordance with our own demanding audiovisual sensibilities with our customers in mind.